Aviation Services - Buying Aircraft

BuyING an Aircraft

If you wish to find the right aircraft: jet, turbo-prop or propeller aircraft, simply let us do the work for you. 

Aviation Services - Selling an Aircraft

SellING an Aircraft

If you are looking to sell your aircraft: jet, turbo-prop or propeller aircraft, simply let us take care of the process for you.

Aviation Services - Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management provides a valuable customer support resource operating and managing aircraft for customers. 

Aviation Services - Charter

Aircraft Charter

Travel with the best luxury private jet charter in Australia and to international destinations.

Aviation Services - FBO Services

FBO Services

Private Jet / Aircraft Services available at Sunshine Coast Airport, including aircraft handling and customer arrival-departure services.

Aviation Services - Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance support and aviation services for a range of single and twin-engine piston and turbo-prop aircraft and Cessna Citation jet aircraft.

Aviation Services - Pilot Academy

Pilot Academy

Learn to fly or start a career path with the Pilot Academy.  Located at Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU), with experienced instructors, modern aircraft and excellent facilities.

Aviation Services - Advanced Flight Training

Advanced Flight Training

State of the art Flight Simulators and an Advanced Aviation Training Centre, located at Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU), Queensland, Australia. 

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